Dec 12, 2008

Teachers Gift

I made these mini loaf (9x6cm) cakes as a gift for Joels teacher awhile ago.
Its a simple sponge recipe with some diced dried apricots folded in.

Three almonds are pushed lightly into the batter before baking. When its finished baking, gently heat some apricot jam and spread it over the top to glaze.

I left them in the baking parchment I baked them in and when completely cooled wrapped them in a new piece of baking parchment, finishing it off with a ribbon and a home made label.


Anonymous said...

hey i sure would like one of those delivered to me...yummy. i just love rapping it makes it special

freakontheway said...

H'm, I think I'm going to try this with the kids one time ;-D

billie said...

good to see you have started ..looking forward to enjoying your blog sophie love you mumx