Aug 31, 2009

A Serious Trifle

Forest Fruit Trifle

I make this trifle in a vase. It feeds 30 people.
Its very easy to make and always a favourite.
You will need:
Whipped cream
Frozen or fresh forest fruits
1 jar of fruit jam (jelly)
A bought sponge cake
Toasted almonds
Start by layering slices of the cake and splash with some sherry.
A few dollops of jam and cover with fruit.
Next a layer of custard and then cream.
Continue to layer till the vase is filled.
Top with some large whole fruit and some toasted almonds.
You'll need a large spoon so your guests can dig deep for a taste of all the layers.


billie said...

it looks wonderfull l cant remeber when l last had a trifle well done sophie Mumx

Homemakers Tales said...

Hi Sophie ..umm.. fantastic ....will remember this whan i have a family crowd ..they all adore trifle and good that you have made it easy with the quanties X Kieren